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Jumma Khutbah - 1:10pm.  Provision for Women

020 8519 6655

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Madrasah Al-Tawhid
New Quran and Islamic Studies teaching vacancy for a Male teacher at Madrasah al-Tawhid,
🌟 80 High Road, Leyton, London.

💖 Professional and supportive team

🗓 Mon-Fri Term time 
⏰ 4.50-6.50pm 

🎯 Essential Qualities:
1. Quran Proficiency
2. Following Jameah Ahl - ulHadeeth curriculum 
3. Effective English
4. Effective in building relationships with children
5. Good Islamic Understanding
6. General understanding of teaching standards including lesson planning and resource building

_❗️Please forward to those who are suitable❗️ _

📧 Apply by Email:

Youth Club Update

The Youth club runs every Friday 7-9pm in Term time ONLY. For more details click here

Youth Club

Volunteers Registration

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) was asked “Who is the best of people?” He replied… “The one who is most beneficial to others.” (Silsalah Sahihah- Al-Albani 789/1)

Since its establishment, the volunteers at MTL have been the backbone of the Mosque.  Many of the services that we operate today are staffed by people who are volunteering their time fi’sabilillah.

The various teams require different skills and experience therefore all of our volunteers bring something new to the organisation.  We value the contribution of all individuals irrespective of age, skills, background or experience.  Each role is different and as such every volunteer is different.

A typical volunteer works in a given role with set or varied hours.  This depends on what is required as part of the position and on how many hours an individual can offer.  For MTL, intention and being committed are the most important aspects.  This ensures that we can rely on you to give the hours that you say that you can, and that you work to the best of your ability knowing that you are seeking reward from Allah azza wa jal.

If interested please register here

Food Bank

Support the Food Bank

Al-hamdolillah, We at Masjid Tawhid Leyton have been operating a local Food bank distribution service every Sunday between 11.30 - 12.30pm. We are growing weekly in distribution of food to our community in need, and now we are up to over 50 families and growing.  With this comes the great challenge of replenishing the food stuff weekly and we are in great need of regular donations of food items listed in the leaflet below.

You can also help us by giving us cash donations at the masjid dedicated collection box, or via on line payment (see link below) and if you can contribute regularly by setting up standing order again you can do this via the link. 

Jazak'Allahu Khair for your donations.


Masjid Tawhid Digital


YouTube Channel – live broadcasts of Lectures, Khutbahs and Events


Latest information / News broadcasts


Daily Hadith and special events broadcasts


Daily Hadith and special events broadcast


Daily Hadith and Mass News broadcast


provides prayer times/alerts, news, timetables, hadith,  all the latest info, and more ...

Masjid Tawhid's digital platforms allow you to keep up-to-date with everything going on at the masjid.

Download the app from Google Play and the Apple AppStore.  

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