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The main entrance is situated on Leyton High Road.It leads into the reception hallway where a shoe area and a notice board are situated. The stairs to the right lead to the brothers only prayer hall. The lift can be used to  enter the sisters only  prayer hall. Sisters entrance is on the left of the main entrance. A single door leads to stairs to the first floor.

An alternative entrance is on Downsell  Road which leads in from the car park directly into the Community Hall.


Leading on from the main entrance the office for the Trust are located to the left.

Prayer Hall for Brothers

This prayer hall is situated on the first floor and can accommodate approximately three hundred and fifty men. The direction of the Qibla is beautified by an ornate carved wooden Mihrab (prayer niche) and pulpit which was gifted to the Mosque by the Islamic Cultural Centre, London.

Prayer Hall for Sisters

This prayer hall is situated on the first floor and can accommodate approximately one hundred and fifty ladies.

Community Hall

Community Hall is used for different events such as marriages, lectures, meetings and so on.


The masjid library (situated on the ground floor, entrance next to the Men's Wudu area) has a selection of Arabic, English and Urdu books and magazines. It also has a number of tapes and CDs in English. Many of the CDs are recordings of talks or lectures held in the masjid. The library also has a CD/tape player with headphones for listening to the audio material. This can also be used to copy CDs onto tape (bring your own blank tapes).

To use the library, ask for the key at the masjid office. All material in the library is for reference only, and may not be taken out of the library under any circumstances.

Car Park

The Mosque also has a small car park which can be accessed from Downsell Road. This leads into the conference hall on the ground floor of the main building. The car Park allows visitors a wider view of the Mosque and its beautiful minaret.


The mosque has a kitchen which is used for food preparation. The kitchen is used by mosque staff and for catering for guests.


The mosque provides areas for worshippers to make ablutions before prayers. Ablution is the act of preparation and self-cleanliness carried out before Muslims stand in prayer and obedience before the Almighty Lord of all creation.

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