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Masjid Tawhid Leyton Funeral Support(MTLFS) is dedicated to serving the Muslims in our community during their time of bereavement. Death is an inevitable reality, and MTLFS was established to provide essential burial advice and support. As our congregation has grown, so has the demand for comprehensive funeral services that adhere to the authentic guidelines of Shariah. 

Funeral Arrangement Guidelines:

  1. Death Certificate:

    • If the person passes away in a hospital, the hospital will issue a death certificate.

    • If the person passes away at home, the GP should issue a death certificate, given they have seen the deceased within 2 weeks. Otherwise, it may be referred to a coroner.

  2. Registering the Death:

    • The next of kin should register the death at the local birth/death registration office.

    • The registry office will provide a burial certificate, which is required for burial arrangements.

  3. Transportation and Ghusul (Ritual Washing):

    • Masjid Tawhid does not offer transportation services. Families must arrange for body transportation.

    • A private ambulance is available at the masjid for use, provided a driver over 25 years of age can be arranged.

    • The masjid has experienced volunteers to assist with Ghusul at the masjid.

    • Janazah prayer can be held at the masjid or the graveyard as preferred.

  4. Charges:

    • Masjid Tawhid charges £50 for Ghusul, £50 for Kaffan (shroud), and £50 for ambulance use.

  5. Alternatives:

    • Garden of Peace Grave Cemetery and other masajid offer transport and Ghusul services. Contact them directly for pricing details.

  6. Graveyard Options:

    • Foley Lane offers affordable graves for Waltham Forest residents.

    • Garden of Peace charges over £3300 for a grave.

Useful Phone Numbers:

  • Masjid Tawhid: Hanif - 07956 808 135, Mehmud - 078248 11305

  • Foley Lane Graveyard: Aasim - 07717882192, Umar - 07366555444

  • Garden of Peace Graveyard: 0208 502 6000, Mohmmad Umer - 07773 816905

  • Whipps Cross Hospital Chaplain Sister Ruqayyah: 07872 479060

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