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Hardship Fund

The management committee of the Masjid have committed to ensure that all children in our local community have access to our madrasah education (dependant on spaces available and amount of funds available at the time of application) irrespective of their parents’ financial situation. We understand that many families may be struggling with day to day living costs and we do not want this to hinder their child’s opportunity to receive a madrassah education. Therefore, we have put in place a hardship fund to assist those parents who have a genuine difficulty in paying fees.  

Our hardship fund is means tested so please fill out the application below to apply. Following your application, we may ask you to attend a short interview if we need to clarify anything. We aim to reply to each application within 3 days depending on the volume we receive. Applications will be considered on a first come first serve basis and are strictly confidential (information will be shared with the head teacher/assistant head, masjid treasurer and trustees if the wish to enquire.) Information will never be shared with teachers, other staff or children including your own child.

Hardship Fund Application

Jazakallahukhayrun, your application has been submitted. We will be in touch soon with your interview date.

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