Masjid Tawhid is taking part in the annual Al Noor Dragon Boat Race.

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A lecture by Sh Suhaib Hasan.

Saturday 29th February 2020

After Maghrib

Open to all, brothers and sisters.


Masjid Tawhid presents a lecture on

The Concept of Dajjal


Sh Suhaib Hasan

Saturday 25th January 2020 after maghrib salah.

Masjid Tawid proudly presents:

Winter Conference 2019 : The Role of the Muslim in Society



Sat 21st Dec: The Trials & Struggles of the Believers - Ust Khalid Abdullah

Sun 22nd Dec: The Hadeeth of Jibreel (as) - Sh Jasem Mohammed Alenaty (UAE)

Tues 24th Dec : The Muslim wants the best for mankind - Ust Shaqur Reahman

Wed 25th Dec : Umar ibn al-Khattab (ra) - Sh Suhaib Hasan

Sat 28th Dec : The Trials of Prophet Yusuf (as) - Ust Fahad Sabri

Wed 1st Jan: The Victory of Salahuddin (rh) - Sh Abu Safiyyah Mohammad Usman


Masjid Tawhid is pleased to announce

MTL Youth Club

Every Friday 7pm till 9pm

For ages 11+