Islamic Counselling and Mediation Service for Muslim Women

This is a free, confidential service offered at the Masjid by an experienced Muslim Counsellor, Sr Afshan Khan.

Do you need professional and sensitive advice on :

- Marriage and relationship difficulties
- Family conflicts and disputes
- Domestic violence
- Bereavement
- Youth counselling
- Mediation Service
- Customs, culture and tradition
- Parents and children
Extended family 

Whatever the issues, mediation is a way forward, enabling both parties to communicate effectively and resolve matters.  Marriage counselling and mediation with a counsellor can help resolve underlying factors affecting the relationship. Through communication and focusing on key issues, counselling and mediation helps the couple explore their feelings and enables them to understand their relationship from all sides. This will help couples in a practical Islamic way, to be equipped to overcome conflict and build sustainable healthy relationships.

There are three one hour slots available each week, Tuesdays 9am - 10am, 10am - 11am, and 11am - 12pm.

Please phone 07874247121 Monday-Friday between 3pm and 5pm to book a slot. PRIOR BOOKING IS REQUIRED. A £10 deposit will be required at the first session, which will be returned at the final session. This is only to encourage punctuality in attendance. If there is any difficulty in paying this deposit then please speak to us.

The sessions will be held privately in the upstairs Guest Room, entrance from the front of the Masjid.