as-salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaah

Al-Hamdu lillaah, the April Mini Conference on Friday 13th April saw a packed turn out to hear Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Shatiri, Dr Yousaf al-Homaidi and Shaykh Muhammad al-Luhaydan. The world renowned reciter Sh Abu Bakr al-Shatiri led the maghrib prayer and made du'aa qunoot for the people of Syria. This was then followed by two lectures, before and after Isha prayer. A collection for Syria was also made by Islamic Relief. This event was jointly organised with Tayyibun Institute.

The massive turnout for this event shows beyond doubt that the Community want authentic orthodox Islamic Knowledge, and are not interested in the events being forced on them by some unauthorised persons, as reported earlier.



In the first week of April Usama Hasan circulated a statement titled 'A PUBLIC CLARIFICATION ABOUT THE DISPUTE AT MASJID AL-TAWHID'. Further, after Friday Prayers on 6th April Dr Suhaib Hasan made an announcement from the minbar regarding the situation at the masjid.

In the interest of ensuring the Community is aware of the reality of the situation, the Trustees of Masjid and Madrasah al-Tawhid would like to clarify a number claims made in these statements.


1. Mediation over the 'dispute' (the legitimate removal of Usama Hasan as a Trustee, and later the expiry of Dr Suhaib Hasan's Trusteeship) was first requested by the Trustees in their letter of 9th March 2011 to Dr Suhaib Hasan. After being ignored, this offer was repeated in our letter of 25th April 2011. Only in October, probably when the other party recognised that their legal position was very weak, did they agree to mediation.

2. The Trustees had recommended a professional third party mediator, but Dr Suhaib Hasan insisted on Dr al-Dubayan as the mediator. The Trustees then recommended Dr Haitham al-Haddad as assistant mediator. After the initial meeting in October 2011, there was no contact for many months, despite numerous attempts by the Trustees to move forward with the process. Only in January 2012 did a second meeting take place. Again a number of weeks passed with no response, until finally some 'compromises' from the other party were presented. These 'compromises' were rejected by the Trustees, as they would not have resolved the actual issues of abuse of power and nepotism. Hence the Trustees decided to terminate the clearly failed mediation process, and wrote to Dr al-Dubayan in this regard on 17th March 2012. Usama Hasan's claim that mediation is ongoing is therefore false.

3. The Charities Commission website password was always with the Trust Secretary Muhammad Idrees Sethi. Usama Hasan's claim that we 'unfairly and fraudulently' made changes to the list of Trustees is false. We have legally updated the Charities Commission website according to the changes in the Trust that have been made following correct procedure.

4. Due to the freezing of the bank accounts by Dr Suhaib Hasan, the Trust was unable to submit its financial accounts to the Charities Commission. Recently the Charities Commission wrote to Mehmud Patel, the current Chairman, about the submission of these accounts, and we did manage to submit these accounts before the deadline. (Letter here).

5. The Waltham Forest Council has put up a notice outside the Masjid informing local residents of the planning application the Masjid has put forward for the construction of an extension to the Masjid. This notice bears the name of the current Chairman Mehmud Patel (Letter here).

6. The Waltham Forest Council of Mosques has recognised Mehmud Patel as Chairman of Masjid al-Tawhid, and he along with two other Trustees are now official representatives of Masjid al-Tawhid at WFCOM.

7. The Masjid website domain,, has been under the control of and paid for by one of the current Trustees since around 2005. Usama Hasan's claim that the website has been “hijacked fraudulently” is clearly false. We challenge Usama Hasan to prove otherwise.

8. Usama Hasan claimed in his email of 6th April 2012 to the Chairman Mehmud Patel : “Our side have abided by the mediators' rules, unlike you, and we have not tried to obstruct your events”. We would ask – is shouting from the minbar of the Masjid abiding by the rules of mediation? Is denigrating your opponents by repeatedly referring to them as “just plumbers” abiding by Islamic etiquette? Is grabbing the Chairman Mehmud Patel by the neck from behind his back abiding by any standards of human decency?

9. Contrary to what some people are trying to suggest, most of the current Trustees have been involved with the Masjid since its inception. In fact, the fathers of a number of the current Trustees were the concerned individuals who initially invited Dr Suhaib Hasan to be the Imam.

10. Dr Suhaib Hasan claimed that the Trustees have not been paying staff wages. Again, we would counter that the Trust is still paying all staff wages, including the masjid caretaker, the two Imams and all other maintenance costs and bills. Only the previous Office Manager Raheel has been discharged, and another Office Manager has been employed in his place. Hence the Trust is no longer paying Raheel any wages, as his P45 has been issued. We therefore reiterate our legitimate collection of funds in the masjid, as this is being used directly to run the masjid on a day to day basis. Additionally, Mrs Shakila Hasan collects funds from the women's side without passing this money to the Trust Treasurer, and has been doing so for many years.

We reiterate that the Masjid must be run according to correct procedure, and not be treated as the “personal property” of a single family. Only by doing so can this 'dispute' be resolved. The sooner Usama Hasan and his family members acknowledge this, the sooner we will all be able to move on and leave this distasteful episode behind us.

In conclusion, the Trustees thank Allaah 'azza wa jall for the blessings He has bestowed upon our Masjid and Community, and we ask Him to help us to protect the sanctity of His Masjid from those who would spread corruption in the land.

Alhamdulillaah, on Monday 2nd April two very beneficial lectures were given by Shaykh Asim al-Hakeem on "Harmony in Marriage" and Shaykh Muhammad Salah on "The Qur'an in our Daily Lives". The Masjid was once again filled with enthusiastic brothers and sisters, and the scholars also provided a Question and Answer session after Ishaa. One very happy attendee commented "For many years now the masjid has been dead, but now it is coming back to life!". All Praise is due to Allaah alone.

Algerian Action held its charity bazaar on Sunday 25th March at the Masjid. Alhamdulillah, the event was a great success - many sisters and children came along and spent the day socialising with friends, enjoyed delicious food, fun activities and bought from the wide range of stalls.

Maa shaa' Allah a total of £1070 was raised on the day, all of which will go directly to sick or poverty stricken children and families living in Algeria.

Masjid al-Tawhid recently had the pleasure of showing Year One of Newport Primary School around the mosque. Newport is a local school, and the masjid was very happy to assist the teachers in the RE lessons of the children. The sessions were conducted by the head of the Sisters' Section, Umm Zakariyya.

There were around 90 children over two days. They first had a short talk about what happens in mosques, how Muslims pray and why we pray, as well as looking at some girls hijabs, boys prayer hats and prayer mats. They were also shown simple pictures of mosques, and were shown its distinguishing features.

Then they had the chance to see the various areas of our mosque, including the library, wash room and the prayer rooms.  In each room, it was explained to the children what happens there.

Some of the children already knew what we do in each of the areas, while for others this was their first visit to a mosque, but they all asked lots of very good questions and gave very good answers to the questions they were asked.  For example, on being asked of things we can be thankful to Allah for, some said for good families, nice toys, nice food and one boy said "for Him making us".

After having seen all of the different areas of the mosque, the children came back down into the hall downstairs, and then listened to a book, which summarised all of the things we discussed.  All of the children were very attentive, which was brilliant as there was a lot of information they were given, and they all seemed to learn a lot from the visit.