This Sunday 28th April 2013 will be the final session of the Explanation of Kitab al-Tawhid Course by Ustadh Murtaza Khan. This class will include a Question & Answer session. We will have a break for a few weeks after which we hope to start a new course, with the permission of Allaah.

Please note the following cancelled classes over the Easter break :

- No Sisters' Tajweed class, will resume on 19th April, in shaa' Allaah

- No Sisters' Arabic class, will resume on 17th April, in shaa' Allaah


Masjid al-Tawhid is pleased to announce that the renowned daa'ee and lecturer Sh Kamal al-Mekki will be giving the Friday Khutbah on 29th March 2013, in shaa Allaah.

as-salaamu alaikum

The Sisters' Tajweed class for Friday 1st March 2013 has been cancelled. Classes will resume next week in shaa' Allaah.

The Sisters' Weekly Circle for February 23rd 2013 has been cancelled. in shaa' Allaah the classes will continue next week.