11am SATURDAY 1st September 2012

Walthamstow Arcade (Top of High street)


On Saturday 1st September 2012 the EDL plan to come to Waltham Forest to spread their hatred and division.

The WF Council of Mosques, as well as other groups, have pressed the Police to ban their march but it is still going ahead.

The only way we can stop the EDL from coming back to our borough again and again is to have a massive counter-demo to show the World they are not welcome and we will not sit back and allow them to attack Islam and spread their hatred here.

Their aim is to attack Islam, physically and verbally, and promote Islamophobia, and here are some of the things they have done in the past:

1) EDL members (Simon Beech and Garreth Foster) burnt a Mosque (Regent road) in Stoke-on-Trent last year.

2) EDL supporter (Andrew Ryan) stole a Quran Majid from a Library and burnt it in Carlisle demo last year.

3) Having blasphemous Placards against the Holy Prophet (SAW)

4) In July 2012, Dudley, the EDL hard core showed that they are violently racist when they went on the rampage through the town, smashing the windows of houses a Hind Temple, shops and cars. When attacking the Hindu Temple with rocks they were shouting 'Pakis' and 'Muzzies' and chasing Hindus who joined the counter-demo. But Dudley’s Muslims and UAF (United Against Fascism) chased them out.

We, as Muslims, have a duty to protect the honour of Islam and defend our communities from hatred and division. Every Muslim must make their best effort to attend this counter- demo, otherwise it will be easy for the EDL to come back again. Standing for justice is a requirement in the deen and we should obviously be at forefront of this when the primary target is Islam itself.

Under the banner of the "WE ARE WALTHAM FOREST" campaign we must all join the counter demo. Spread the message to all you know insha Allah.

WFCOM, August 2012