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There have been reports in today’s Daily Mail that Khalid Masood, the man responsible for the attack on Parliament had attended our mosque.

The Trustees and management wish to clarify that we have had no knowledge of this individual, or that he ever prayed here. Our mosque is open to the public with anyone able to come and pray; for Friday prayers we regularly have over 1000 attendees each week.

We are horrified by and deplore this horrific act of violence against innocent people and our thoughts are with the victims.

Should any further information come to light about Khalid Masood we will pass that information to the Police immediately. We discourage members of our congregation from talking to the media and speculating about this individual and the attack.  Any knowledge or information they have should be passed onto the Police.

We ask all our congregation to be vigilant against any reprisal attacks against our Mosque.


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