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We are very pleased to report that Meet Your Muslim Neighbours has started a Foodbank for the homeless at Masjid Tawhid. This important project is currently in pilot, and a first session was held in December 2013. The aim is to run this event every 4-6 weeks in shaa' Allaah, with the next session planned for April.

At the previous session we had a turnout of about 40 people. Hot home made food was prepared, and about 8 volunteers helped provide the service. MYMN is working along with other local charities to contact local homeless people, and the service is open to all - Muslims and non-Muslims.


Faysal Ahmad from MYMN provided this report :

"During our research we have been conversing with many local organisations to find out the extent of homeless issues and the need for a project such as this Foodbank to be established in Leyton. It was apparent that not enough was being done to tackle this issue, and hence the organisations have welcomed us with open arms to contribute towards this noble cause.

In this time of austerity the number of people who are impacted seems to be growing rapidly, and as the economic crisis deepens people are torn between the options of ‘eating or heating’. In our journey we have found that the number of homeless people within the Muslim community is also growing extensively. The situation of these people is somewhat silent and not apparent, many sufferers are single parents with young children.      

Alhamdhulillah, we are privileged to have Masjid Tawhid as a central location for this project, and in our next event we are looking to invite upto 50 people. Your support to date has been unconditional, and I pray we continue to work together for the betterment of our community and help as many people as we can within our capacity."

To assist this project please contact the masjid and we will put you in touch with Faysal, or you may contact MYMN directly.

Some pictures from the last events :