As last year, Masjid al-Tawhid is supporting Ar-Rahmah Welfare Organisation in Islamabad, Pakistan to provide a Qurbani/Udhhiya service for Eid al-Adhaa. Ar-Rahmah Welfare Organisation also operates an Orphan Sponsorship programme.

Ar-Rahmah Welfare Organisation hope to provide a personal and hands-on service that most other charities lack. Most charities are content to slaughter all their livestock in the more accessible large camps, rather than trouble themselves to go deep into the hills. We, through our network of schools, try to get the meat to the most inaccessible areas. There we help the poorest people who otherwise would not have meat on Eid.

Additionally, this year Al-Rahmah will be able to arrange the sacrifice not only in Pakistan but also in Syria, Burma and Afghanistan.

The prices of sacrificial animals are as below:

Pakistan :
Small Animal: £110
Large Animal (7 shares): £400
Camel (7 shares): £1200

Syria :
Small Animal : £190

Burma :
Large Animal : £200

Afghanistan :
Small Animal: £120
Large Animal (7 shares): £500
Camel (7 shares): £1050 

Please contact the Masjid Office for more details and in order to book a sacrificial animal.

We pray that Allah may accept our sacrifice and good deeds done during the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah.