Alhamdulillaah, Tahajjud prayers have been organised at the Masjid for the last ten nights of Ramadan. Prayers start at 1:15am. Prayers finish at about 2:15am.

All brothers and sisters are welcome to attend, but please take note of the following :

1. Please travel safely to the Masjid as it is late at night. Sisters especially should travel with other family members or with friends.

2. Please arrive and depart quietly. Please do not congregate outside the masjid, as this will disturb the neighbours. Sisters will need to enter from the main Masjid door and then use the lift.

3. When inside the masjid, please maintain calm and quiet. Please engage in worship, and refrain from talking unnecessarily to others.

May Allaah enable us to improve in our worship of Him during these last ten nights, and may He accept our good deeds.