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The following email was received from Mr Nizar Boga, the Arbiter chosen by Dr Suhaib Hasan and later accepted by Mehmud Patel and others :

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To: Dr Suhaib Hasan; Mehmud Patel


Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2012 11:59:25 +0000


assalamu alaikum Shaikh Suhaib Hasan and Mr. Mehmud Patel

I refer to my email of 8 June to both of you advising that the Arbitration process will not be proceeding further in the light of the Charity Commission's statutory inquiry relating to the mosque and that they should be allowed to complete their work first. In the light of developing situation in the mosque and the fact that the Arbitration effort seem to have been undermined from the very day I came to know about the complaint to the Charity Commission both my facilitators, Nugal Durani and Zaffar Iqbal and I have decided that  our involvement will now no longer serve much purpose. The Arbitration is therefore formally discontinued and I have advised the Charity Commission accordingly. This leaves me to thank you both for inviting us and we pray that the parties will be able to sort their outstanding dispute themselves. 


Nizar Boga