The local MP for Walthamstow, Stella Creasy, has been lobbying for compulsory Sex and Relationship Education in schools in Waltham Forest. There are a number of problems with this - please see "SRE in schools in Waltham Forest".

An awareness lecture on the subject will be presented by Yusuf Patel of "SREIslamic" on :
Saturday 7th February after Ishaa' Prayer (7:45pm).

Please attend and encourage other parents to do so too. This FREE event is open for both brothers and sisters.

A mini-conference organised in association with the National Zakat Foundation (NZF).

Friday 30th January 2015
From 6:00pm till 7:15pm.

Speakers : Ustadh Sajid Umar and Ustadh Waseem Kempson

This is a FREE event - brothers and sisters are welcome.

Masjid Tawhid presents a lecture by Ustadh Asim Khan :

Lessons from Uhud : A Qur'anic Perspective

Sunday 4th January 2014, after maghrib prayer (4:10pm).

This is a FREE event, open to brothers and sisters.

Masjid Tawhid is pleased to announce the Annual Winter Conference 2014 - "Pearls of Knowledge"

Thursday 25th December
The conference will run from Dhuhr till Ishaa in shaa' Allaah.

We have a lineup of dynamic speakers with Ustadhs Abu Abdillah Yunus, Abu Bilal Sanel and our guest speaker Ustadh Abu Abdullah Abbas from Bradford.

Topics include :
The Purpose of Man
Tafseer of Surah Ikhlas
The Story of Maryam (alayha as-salaam)
The Last Man to Enter Paradise

This is a free event. All are welcome, brothers and sisters.

Please invite your friends and relations to attend this highly beneficial event, and may Allaah put barakah in all our good actions.

Masjid al-Tawhid is pleased to announce that Shaykh Dr. Saad al-Buraik from Riyadh, KSA, will visit the masjid on Tuesday 4th November in shaa' Allaah. He will lead the ishaa prayer and then present a short speech afterwards. This is a free event, and is open to all.

Shaykh Saad al-Buraik has a PhD from Imam Muhammad ibn Saud University, KSA. He is a well known lecturer and da'ee.