"Review and Transform your Parenting Tool Box" by Sr Rahma AbdulLatif

Three Parts : Saturday May 12th, June 9th and June 30th, 9am-5pm. Attendance of Parts 2 and 3 requires attendance of Part 1. Limited places - booking required. £15 per session.

Click here to Book and pay Online. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions. NOTE: Children above 4 months of age will not be allowed in the hall.

Children's interactive Islamic Workshop on Tawheed : Allaah's Mercy and Allaah's Power

Run by Sr. Claire Ali.

For children aged between 0-7 years old. Your child will learn about Allah's (swt) power and mercy through Islamic songs and a craft activity.

Date:- Sunday 22nd of April 2012.
Venue:- Masjid Al-Tawhid (Downsell Road entrance)

Each session lasts an hour. The same session will run three times. There are limited places in each session. Once a session is full, it will not be possible to book a space.

Saturday 14th April, 2-7pm.

Islamik Infusions, together with Masjid al-Tawhid, present a one-day Sisters' Ilm Workshop

FREE entry, with FREE food. Registration is required at :  http://www.islamikinfusions.com/events.html

This is a task-based learning workshop, to turn knowledge into actions. 

Friday 13th April, Maghrib (7:54pm) till Ishaa' (9:30pm)

Shaykh Khalid al-Muslih (KSA), Shaykh Muhammad al-Luhaidan (KSA), Dr Yousaf al-Homaidi (KSA) and the world renowned reciter Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Shatiri (KSA) will present a mini-conference at Masjid al-Tawhid.

Shaykh Khalid is a student of the late Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Salih Al 'Uthaymeen. Dr Yousaf Al Homaidi is a close student of Shaykh Al 'Alaama 'Abd Al Kareem Al Khudayri.

This is a FREE event, open to brothers and sisters, and has been organised in conjunction with Tayyibun Institute.

Monday April 2nd, from 6:30pm till Ishaa' (9:15pm)

Dr Muhammad Salah who is currently based in the USA is a well known Scholar across North America and the Middle East. He is one of the regular hosts on Huda TV for programmes such as 'ASK HUDA'. He is also a teacher at London College online.He has obtained a BA in Shari'ah and Islamic Law from the Al-Azhar in Egypt as well as a BA in Pharmacology. Currently he is also an Instructor at the Shari'ah Academy in the USA. The Shaykh has also obtained a Diploma in Muslim Arts and Arabic Calligraphy. He will be covering the important topic of our relationship with the Qur'an in our daily lives.

Sh Asim al-Hakeem is a well known da'ee and an Imam of 19 years in a Masjid in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He is also a marriage consultant and will be speaking on Harmony in Marriage.

This event is free, and is open to brothers and sisters. Mothers with children, please use the Downsell Road entrance for the Masjid Hall.