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Masjid Tawhid proudly presents

Annual Winter Conference 25th December 2015

Raising our Families as Muslims : Tarbiyah and Parenting

From Jumu'ah Prayer till Ishaa Prayer. Refreshments will be provided.

Programme :

12:45pm : Jumu'ah Khutbah and Salah - Dr Suhaib Hasan

1:45pm : Tafseer from Surah Munafiqoon - Dr Suhaib Hasan

2:45pm : Asr Prayer

3:00pm : Being an Exceptional Parent - Ustadh Ramiz Ibrahim

3:55pm : Maghrib Prayer

4:15pm : Being an Exceptional Son and Daughter - Ustadh Ramiz Ibrahim

5:15pm : Outsourcing the Tarbiyah of our Children? - Ustadh Abu Bilaal Sanel

6:30pm : Opportunities and Challenges for our families in the West - TBC

7:45pm : Ishaa Prayer